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About Us

AsiaMedic is a premier healthcare provider in Singapore, with a focus on the management of clinical services in the fields of disease prevention, early illness detection, medical imaging and medical aesthetics. Our team of highly qualified and reputed clinical professionals provide quality care to our patients and ensuring a seamless, comfortable experience.

We offer a range of medical imaging services including general and subspecialty imaging (such as MRI and CT Scans for cardiovascular, neuroradiological, ENT and musculoskeletal imaging), as well as PET/CT imaging for diagnosis, staging localisation and monitoring progress of cancer. AsiaMedic also offers varied health-risk assessments and screening plans, to enable patients to have better control over their health and lifestyles, thereby achieve optimal well-being. Leveraging on our partnerships with local and overseas medical specialists, AsiaMedic is able to extend a wider suite of quality medical services to patients that require it.

Through our commitment to our core values of Competence, Care, Convenience and Confidence, we have built up our strong reputation for delivering positive patient outcomes and high-quality care for patients from Singapore and the region.

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