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Navigating your Health for Life

The Challenge of Health and Aging

Health changes with age - unfortunately it's usually a change for the worse.

Asia today is expecting to see increasing life expectancy due to improvements in economic growth and healthcare services, but with increasing longevity there will come more diseases of old age.

Diseases of old age include chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke; degenerative disease of osteoarthritis, cataracts and cancers. Most important of all are the lifestyle diseases like obesity and smoking which worsen the risks of diseases but are however preventable.

Sadly due to the rapid advances in medicine and technology many healthcare consumers are confused and find great difficulty in making the right choices in medical services and treatments. What can be done?

Prevention is Best

Everyone knows the wise saying that "Prevention is better than Cure", but unfortunately many people are unclear of what they must firstly prevent and secondly how to prevent a disease or its complications.

One approach to disease prevention is not necessarily the same for another. Everyone has unique health risks based on their personal genetics, lifestyles and environmental risks. Similarly everyone has unique hopes and desires for their wellbeing and longevity.

However all disease prevention begins with health screening.

Your Health Navigator in 3 Simple Steps

A New Approach

At AsiaMedic, we have developed our own unique approach to customized health screening called the Health Navigator. Disease prevention is about personal health risk management where we help our clients focus on their own personal health risks profile and to develop practical personal health strategies for continued health.

Unlike the traditional approach to health screening we look at aging as a disease that is potentially reversible or can be slowed down. In addition our health screening tests are customized and based on an individuals risks and not on the statistical risks of a general population. Finally we use the results to identify appropriate personal health strategies that keep up with the changing risks of aging. (see figure 1)

Health Navigator

Fig. 1

AsiaMedics Health Navigator

The key to navigating health is developing a personal health strategy. It is through a careful and detailed analysis of a persons unique health risks (see fig 2) that we provide a 3 prong approach to disease prevention.

  1. Minimizing unmodifiable health risks - it is important to identify such risks which include genetic family medical risks, gender specific risks like prostate cancer in men, and diseases of aging. Diagnostic tests are carefully selected to identify the presence or potential of developing specific diseases and their complications.
  2. Developing healthy lifestyles against modifiable health risks - all too often many of the modifiable health risks against heart disease, diabetes and even cancer can be significantly reduced through proper lifestyle changes which include proper control of weight and body composition, diet, exercise and non-smoking and non-excessive alcohol consumption and where necessary medication and supplementation eg hormones.
  3. Setting health targets or Key Personal Indicators (KPIs) - Through personal health target setting (based on the latest evidence-based clinical studies) individuals become informed, empowered to become partners in health with the doctors and gain personal control over their health as they age.
Health Navigator

Fig. 2