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How do I prepare for a health screen

  • To prepare for the health screen, you will need to fast the night before your scheduled appointment. This means you should avoid consuming any food or alcoholic drinks after 11.00pm.
  • If the treadmill test is part of your health screen test please bring along your running shoes and gear.
  • If the PAP smear and pelvic examination is part of your health screen test, you may wish to be comfortably attired so as to allow for ease of the examinations.

What to bring along for your appointment

  • You should bring along your running shoes and gear if you will undergo the treadmill test.
  • In addition, you are strongly encouraged to bring along your most recent health screen result or report as this will be helpful in customising your test to suit your needs. The physicians will also use that result to check on your health history and progress.

What to expect during your appointment

  • After registration, your blood test will generally be taken first so that you can break your overnight fast. Complimentary breakfast will be served at our Centre for this purpose.
  • You will then go through the series of test in your health screen plan (e.g. electrocardiogram, chest x-ray, ultrasound etc).
  • At the end of your appointment, we will arrange with you your second appointment to attend a medical review with our physician. This will usually take place approximately 1 week from your first appointment.
  • In the second appointment, the physician will go through the results of your health screen test and address any concerns which you may have, and outline future management, if necessary.